Who in the US is most likely to die during a traffic stop, Police officers or passengers in the car at the time of the stop?

According to the research I found, the police’s top priority is officer safety.
At any scene, the State Storm Troopers will put their own safety above the safety of any other US citizens.
Officer Safety pushes free speech as far as it can, but I haven’t seen any legal justification for this.
The US Government is prohibited by the US Constitution from denying US Citizens their inalienable rights or interfering with those rights.
However, when a murder is committed by a Storm Trooper, this is not the case.
This is because they conducted their own investigation.
This supports the police’s top priority to safeguard only those within the thin blue line. Judges often instruct a court to find a charged police officer not guilty because few people are found guilty.
If a police officer is proven guilty, they are treated like a lamb sacrificed and may receive the shortest possible sentence. This is supported by the mainstream media, which, when reporting on a case, twists the facts to make the state and the police appear as indignant as possible. They can therefore occupy the highest point.
I’ve come across instances when a state officer shot 32 rounds into a man who was lying on the ground because he moved despite being instructed to only move when their Sargent tells to and in the manner and direction they say, but failed to comprehend what stated de to being so tense.
The man had not committed any crimes.
This police officer was declared not guilty, informed that they were fired, but afterwards recruited again for a short period of time. The officer could retire for medical reasons and get their police pension at that time.
The videos listed below contain graphic content and should only be watched with discretion.

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