Bullies On YouTube

El Sancho

Why do some people believe they must make others suffer simply because they disagree with what has been said?

We discovered El Sancho only recently after watching another YouTuber, and we came to the conclusion that there are a number of people who dislike El Sancho for no apparent reason.

We investigated what the common threads were, such as the outpouring of hatred toward El Sancho from people who use YouTube as a platform to incite others to jump on the hate bandwagon.

We discovered El Sancho to be a reasonable person who posted videos not out of hatred for the so-called Trolls, but to highlight what the Trolls claimed were false facts about El Sancho.

The following are a few videos posted by El Sancho in response to the nonsense that the Trolls have either republished incorrect information or made up about El Sancho.

We ask that you visit the channel and follow El Sancho.

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