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You are not a head troll, just another female who needs to be loved and the center of attention.

Quotes and Comments-: Are we sick if the constant ones who say I’m leaving never to be seen again to see them in chat next morning. Making themselves look a dick !! They’re using it for their own narrative !!
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Nice one. Number one Essex girl❤️👍👍👍💯


Another attack that went wrong !! The supermod and her vulnerable boys !!

Tuesdays are the new Monday
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Sending lots of Love and hugs to you and your family Michelle ❤🤗💞💫💗
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Thanks. She has it in her kidney. They rung on Tuesday in today get it out. But they think secondary is there. I’m at hers now for next few months. Or until I want to kill her or vice versa !! 😂

let’s hope they’re wrong lovely🤗
😂😂 yeah! Can imagine gonna be lot of ups and downs but hopefully more ups!🍀 Let us know how it goes please ✨
Loads of love from us both Always💞💫

A quiet one ….. she says !!

Sssssunday eeevees !
What to woman at it go fotmr it. I am ma2 ladies ho yo ear

The comments, or lack thereof, in relation to the number of views the Trolling Community has made on the Videos are shown above.
When will the YouTube Keyboard Warriors with big mouths but no words say anything, because they have so much time on their side that all they can do is spout nonsense about others?

So, why are we emphasizing or focusing on trolls in The YouTube Shyt Shows? The so-called creators of these channels have a limited perspective on life, and they make these long-winded videos, some of which are 11 hours or longer, because they believe their lives revolve around other people’s personal and YouTube lives.

The trolls claim to have the right to free speech, but they don’t understand what that means. They believe they have the right to harass and make statements for which they have no evidence.

We must admin the GB Trolls cannot hold a candle to the Trolls in the USA.

We are not saying that people do not have the right to free speech; however, making personal remarks about people and inciting hatred is against British law.

We work within all international laws to show the Trolls are nothing more than verbal scumbags.

Trolls have a double standard of any Human Principles, because they are predators, once they think they have their hooks in someone.

They will do anything to provide fake information and want to project their own hatred to their so-called victims, going over the same shyt over and over.

Even twist a song played on a victim’s channel to fit their own story.

A YouTube troll is a user who posts inflammatory, offensive, or disruptive comments or messages on videos, channels, or community forums with the intention of provoking and upsetting other users. Trolls often use anonymity and pseudonyms to avoid accountability and make it harder to moderate or track their activities.

Trolls may engage in various types of disruptive behavior, such as spamming, trolling, flaming, or doxing. They may insult or harass other users, make threats or false accusations, spread rumors or conspiracy theories, or post graphic or disturbing content. They may also engage in “brigading” or coordinated attacks on specific targets or communities, in order to amplify their impact and intimidate their opponents.

Trolls often have a psychological or social motivation for their behavior, such as a desire for attention, power, validation, or revenge. They may also be motivated by ideological or political beliefs, and seek to promote their agenda or ideology through disruptive tactics.

Trolls can have a significant negative impact on the YouTube community, as they can create a toxic and hostile environment, drive away legitimate users and creators, and damage the reputation of the platform. Therefore, it is important for YouTube to develop effective strategies to identify, prevent, and address troll behavior, and to encourage a culture of respect, civility, and dialogue among users
Removing trolls from YouTube can be a challenging task, as they often use anonymous accounts or fake identities to hide their real identity. However, here are some strategies that YouTube and its users can use to combat trolling:

Moderation: YouTube can use a team of moderators to review and remove inappropriate comments, videos, or channels. Moderators can also block users who violate YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service. Users can also report abusive content to YouTube or flag comments that violate community guidelines.

Technology: YouTube can use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect and remove inappropriate content automatically. This can include features such as automated moderation, spam filters, and content analysis tools.

Community: Users can also play a role in preventing trolling by reporting abusive content and supporting each other. YouTube can encourage a positive and respectful community by promoting user-generated content that fosters healthy dialogue and constructive criticism.

Education: YouTube can educate its users about the negative impact of trolling and provide resources on how to report and deal with trolls. This can include video tutorials, online forums, and support groups.

Overall, removing trolls from YouTube requires a multifaceted approach that involves a combination of technology, moderation, community engagement, and education. By implementing these strategies, YouTube can create a safer and more welcoming environment for its users.

Some people even post written vile comments on their community page.

The spanner slag cryeth with the Doughboy, tranny mr j, the fake baker who enable some one to say the most vile things like I’m gonna piss on ya mother’s grave …… slash ya face. Women to hit there partners online.

And hey grim. Where’s my name gone. ?? I’ve got the shots. Put it back in be the #vigilante ya think ya are.

The dead man walketh !! Always knew there was a very dodgy side about you. And boy was I right again!! Letchy !!
A troll for having an opinion !! Jabbed up much 😂😂

I am the Reaper of Souls; it is a shame there is no evidence you have one.

As a parent, the vile verbal crap that has been said is an opinion of your own.

This is confirmed above for all to hear, although anyone with any intelligence can hear the lack thereof.

Just let it be known by calling people “trolls.” This is a term of endearment, honestly.

You are not a head troll, just another female who needs to be loved and the center of attention.

We welcomed the people who nipped into the secret room; this was taken from your past words. As expected, the entities, who gave no recongised indication as to who they were, just listened and muted.

Free speech is not something that can be removed, opinions matter, but to make speeches such as ranting without demonstrating that what is said is true can lead to people being injured as a direct result of hate speech.

Your live audio has not been clipped or changed in any way. Should any young members of YouTube hear the crap and hatred towards a fellow human, even if ths was reported mainstreanm media would not take direct action as this could lead to a crimial investigation.

You can say what you like about me but I do things legally and would not have any issue in in supporting legal action, remember nothing can be be hiddden and all information will and has been forwarded for furthet investigation.

Our advice stop now or face the future with others and restrictive access to love ones, other than visits remotley once a month.

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