US Auditors

Good Guy Audits

Good Guy audits ! Where we freely exercise our Right . We make sure our public servants are accountable and there’s transparency for all . We make sure our rights are respected and the constitution of America is honored and respected! A staunch supporter of the US Constitution and the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. Law cannot be allowed to override the rights that people are born with…
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Comedy Audio

Comedy Audio Calls

Funny Prank Telephones Calls as broadcasted in the past plus others! AddictedHonky Tonk WhoreFuck That GuyEven WhenBeavertownBeaver FeverZeerox The Myna BirdYou Don't Know The Halftime Of ItYou Don’t Know Your Mom Is Crazy Until You’re Older. Jose Sarduy - Full SpecialYoger YankeeYankee In A Strange LandWho Wants To Whup A Millionaire?Willie P Richardson - Switchin'…
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