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The phenomenon Years

Written by on 09/05/2022

1950’s and 1960’s Music


The phenomenon extends throughout the 50s and well into 60s music. New Groups and Solo Artists pioneered new types of music from rock and roll to soft and Heavy Rock.

The 50s saw people such as Fat’s Domino, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and  Richie Valens lead the way for others singers and groups to continue and produce even more its in the 60’s.

If you have watched Back to the Future from the 80’s movie’s yo will have seen  how life was for Teenager.

Rock and Roll was here to stay and against the bible States in the USA moment to ban such music as it was

 seen to the devils music.

This was caused by more singer/writers producing their own work and record labels joining together and performing new sounds for the new free teenagers who became generation who fought back against politicians who  caused teenagers into the USA armed forces to fight in he Vietnam War, where the average age of those who killed or missing in action was 19 years.

When the soldiers retuned home; they got nothing in return for their bravery and fighting for what they thought was right.

People and the US Government would  turn their backs on these who retuned injured, missing limbs and other serious conditions.

Years later their trauma would be become known for causing so many mental illnesses which were mistreated for decades.

Musicians’ wrote anti-war songs a people tuned to love and not war, held festivals and used drugs to escape from reality .

In the UK saw new type of music which came from the rock and rolling 50s.  Bands and solo Singers had their own style and were able to adapt to other styles and became legendry. so much so, their music is own today and era of Revolution.

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