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Written by on 20/05/2022

Who is Secret Blackburn


This what Secret Blackburn’s channel all about.

This has been taken directly from his about page on YouTube.

Welcome everybody to my channel this channel is about the history

of Blackburn and Lancashire past and present

I have been documenting Blackburn and Lancashire

for over 35 years so it’s time to share some of my finding with you all.

On this channel I have over 700 pieces of content

I have over a 1000 videos ready to edit and

upload and I am out creating content daily.

I also take you all for a walking live stream

every morning pointing out pieces of history along the way.

Secret Blackburn has been active on YouTube since May 2021 and this is 

really a way of thanking him for the content provided.

Secret Blackburn shows where people can you find interesting area not far away from Blackburn.

All areas walked and uploaded are great places for people to make their own discoveries and it’s free.

For more videos from Secret Blackburn just click on the red links and if you like the content

Please subscribe to his channel and hit the notification bell to keep up to date


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