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About the Author: Roger Landry of TLBP

Written by on 09/05/2022


Roger has spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts.

His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than twelve short years ago.

Since that time he founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of a half dozen proprietary global websites, media projects and partner websites across the planet.

He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project.

Most of Roger’s work (articles and shows) can be found on the TLB Flagship website TLBtalk,com is such a platform.




The Liberty Beacon Project

 Here we have the latest update from Roger about what is happening and how

TLB is now expanding at a near exponential rate,  for this we are grateful and excited!

But we must also be practical.

For 7 years we have not asked for any donations, and have built this project

with our own funds as we grew.

We are now experiencing ever increasing growing pains due to the large number of websites

and projects we represent.

So we have just installed donation buttons on our websites and ask that you consider this

when you visit them. Nothing is too small.

We thank you for all your support and your considerations … (TLB)

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