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Pinac Arrest of Enlightened Audits

Written by on 09/05/2022

Pinac Arrest of Enlightened Audits

Grim Reap Radio Show Reviews the arrest of Enlightened Audits by PC 74879 RAVEN: It would appear the police may have over stepped their powers, whilst investigating feelings of other officers, from an incident which happened on Mar 20, 2022.

Please read the statement below detailing the event:

The arrest made by PC 74879 RAVEN; ‘this could have been as a direct result of him being caught out because of the method and tactics in accordance to the officer’s “so called” duties of causing unnecessarily harassment.’

Here on we do not fear harassment from “the authorities” (lower case, on purpose) and believe in freedom to actively use our legal rights regardless of someone’s location.

We ask you to support Enlightened Audits in this case, also to share their YouTube channel on all social media platforms.

Enlightened Audit has stated on his Video Report the following: ‘For further information and please share the video please click my YouTube Channel.  Thank you for ALL your Support.

Variation of previous upload hope this is Clearer! donations : or

For the costs of defending myself from PC 74879 RAVEN’s arrest outside my home that I now face Court for early next month. Allegation of Obstruction.

I have now spoken to Inspector JACOBS.  However, as PC Raven planned, I will have to get through a Court Case first before being able to make a complaint. If found guilty I cannot complain.

In my Défense is 74879 Raven’s words & behaviour just before using his

Trump card power of arrest on me.

In the clip he states: “I’M GOING TO SIT IN MY CAR UNTIL YOU DISAPPEAR.” Threatening in itself but then moments later he changes his mind & suddenly has to leave then claiming the obstruction.

PC RAVEN also claims he was parked there , (just around the corner after coming to my home), purely to send emails & make calls. 

I believe if these were official calls & emails, they will available on request for investigation now & there will be a record of these ? I will ask Inspector JACOBS but as I say, it looks like they’re intending to use the arrest to hamper my Investigation.

I suspect his real reason for being there was to threaten & intimidate me& if it WAS official police duty , why & which superior deployed him there ? All i have at the moment is a SERGEANT FENN.

I believe by the huge change in RAVEN’s initial smarmy tone of voice to the

panicked tones of the arrest,

that he KNEW he was doing wrong & PANIC-ARRESTED me to distract away from it as well as hamper my complaint now which is working.  Though I cant complain,

I don’t believe it prevents somebody ELSE doing so, so please feel free to do so if you think this case is POLICE ABUSING POWERS.

‘PC RAVEN is also quoted as saying as he approached me to make the Obstruction arrest: “I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GO.” Which stands contrary to me obstructing him. 

There’s more! As he approaches to make his PANIC-ARREST, I am clearly backing away

10-20ft AWAY! Obstruction??

Also, at Southend police station , I was told the CPS were not going to be consulted about whether to charge me & the decision was made by the duty Sergeant? Is this normal??

Please let me know if you have any advice you think may be of help.’

Thanks to PETER, MARK,JON …. even Shane? (I hope so) &



Hopefully, the Right outcome will come from this & things will get back to normal.

I have STILL not felt comfortable enough to return home.

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