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A Narcissist Working To Their Ends

Written by on 09/05/2022

What Is A Narcissist?

What is a narcissistic person like?

Is there a narcissistic test?

How to spot a narcissist?

How do I spot narcissistic behaviour? 

Exactly what is a narcissist?

In Short. The Narcissist

Is everything you could ever wish for in a partner (in the beginning)

Has an over-inflated ego and delusions of grandeur

Hides his real self behind a mask. The false self

Has no empathy

Will criticize and belittle you, but you cannot criticize them

Calls you all the time

Wants to control you

Restricts who you spend time with

Creates chaos in your life

Only cares about one thing. Themselves

Has double standards. One rule for themselves, another for you and everyone else.

Can leave you but you cannot leave them.

Is a predator

Is weak and co-dependent

Is Dangerous

This is to highlight what could happen if a YouTube creator who claims officially to have 80 thousand subscribers

Can leave a donator with a possible feeling of why have I been donating money to them and do I deserve to be treated like I am a personal bank?

Having viewed a number of channels on YouTube, there are a number of  Creators who never ask for money but continuously mention their PayPal and Super Chat. When actively using live broadcasts to their subscribers.

However, some social media accounts openly advise people not to use these two services. As a way of supporting them.

The reason being is the social media provider takes up to 63% to 67% of the amount paid via their service.  Thus reducing the amount the Creator gets per pound. This amounts to 33p to 37p in the pound!!!

There are Creators who move from one social media provider to another.  Gaining more views and as a way to increase the amount people who donate to them.

There are Creators who have built up a friendship online with what has been described as ’emotionally vulnerable people’ within the UK YouTube community. This has led the donator to take to YouTube to defend their decision to donate money to their favourite Creator.

We do not have a stance on the donator’s personal circumstances. It is up to the donator to decide. Because this is part of freedom of choice.

  • Is the donator an ’emotionally vulnerable person’ but also could they possibly be a Mark?

  • Are they becoming a ‘personal banker? This is for you to decide!

Reverse psychologically. The more they say ‘Please do not donate to me’ ‘Don’t leave yourself short of money.’ and ‘Let me return the money you have donated’ as a reverse method to increase the number of donations in their pockets.

Narcissists see others as their ticket to getting money. Use them to take to social media to defend and plea with others to stop calling their favourite creator and or themselves.

Are there standards which should be respected, but are not supported by a narcissist?

An example of this is when the Creator makes a mistake in the past and is then found guilty of breaking the law. This creates an organised campaign with others. In order to have the Creator’s Channel removed from social media platform(s). This is could be seen as a Witch-Hunt by a group of narcissists banding together.

If this is not enough ‘a narcissist’ uses this as a way of making a profit (even more money). Based on the removal of the Channel and openly gloating of this on their YouTube Channel; then remove/restrict the live broadcast from public access for a short while.

Having respect for all creators on social media who have to work within

the provider’s anti-freedom of speech terms of service’ Can mean at times,

they may break them due to the content they produce

and/or responding to comments made about them.

The issue is: People are free to support whoever they want and should

be able to donate what they want.

This is of course providing they are not being used

as a meal ticket or money donated is under the pretence of helping others;

such as the homeless where only a small percentage is used.

Donators need to be beware of being used as ‘a Mark’,

to obtain money under the guise of their money

is or will be being used for a good cause.

Because the Creator has become a friend

and makes out they support the donator on a personal level.

We are not suggesting there are any Creators who would use donators

as their personal bank. With a possible ‘sob story.

However. We question a Creator’s reasons for changing social media

platforms in order to obtain monies from new unsuspecting

supporters/victims looking for a new meal ticket

and being their unofficial therapist due to others’ state of mind.

#This has been taken from Auditing Auditors

A well-known YouTube channel to protect the content in case this has to be removed.

Please check out Auditing Auditors

This is a prime example of the donator being used to convince

others of  #a mistake that was made or it was just

a ploy by two wonderful people ever to grace social media?

Our Channel never wants or needs any donations from supporters

for any reason! There is no Pay Pal account or other fundraising schemes

linked to any of our channels used by ourselves.

We will use Merchandise and services in the future should you want

to directly support us and our costs.

However, this is really down to you the viewer of our website.

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