Hey 👋 my name is Penny 🐰 welcome to my channel 🙂

You can see our rescue bunnies here, and I host regular live shows where I discuss current events, news, and politics, often with open panels.

I’ll also stream from various locations around Yorkshire on occasion.

I update shorts daily, from cute animals to entertaining clips 🙂


I share interesting news articles from the UK and around the world, often on topics that are important to like-minded people like myself, who frequently question the narrative.

In an ever-changing world of lies and deception, I try to find the TRUTH.

I am an English patriot, truth seeker, and supporter of free speech.


I also have a channel dedicated to paranormal/UFO/conspiracy content called ‘The Curious Bunny.’🐰’ (clickable link below 🙂)

Below is a message Penny has posted on her Community Page.

At the risk of TROLLS getting upset beause Grim Reaper Network is supporting Penny in her fight to be her own person please read

FYI if Curtis put a copyright strike on you it is NOTHING to do with me ffs! I’m not Curtis OBVIOUSLY but these people are thick as 💩 Also, I’m not Curtis’s keeper so if you have beef with him take it up with him. I’m getting stick from people who don’t like Curtis when I’ve only known the guy a few weeks, but from where I’m standing he’s put in a lot of leg work into reporting on this case.. though I don’t agree with everything he does like showing the old man’s face with the jazzy shirt (though he did blur it out after the fact) his face was already out there. The filming of the body I didn’t see, but from what I’m told the police didn’t even put Nicola in a body bag! How would Curtis know what he was filming? Even so it probably wasn’t something he should have uploaded without first finding out what it was… but Curtis is new to this and has had to learn fast. Also bear in mind that Curtis disclosed to us all publicly recently that he has ADHD, now that could explain his sometimes impulsive behaviour? But I believe Curtis has a good heart and he is doing what he does because he wants to find out the TRUTH.. I find it horrendous what the police have done to him and I’ll have more on that later on… But PLEASE don’t shoot the messenger! I’m my own person, I was covering this case way before I spoke to Curtis and I’ve been on YouTube almost 11 years and I my own person. Just lay off me please! I’ve got enough going on without these new idiots attacking me 😒

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