YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have strict Terms of Service that you can violate without even realizing it while participating in Live Events or sharing information.

Creators must be free of these constraints and be able to say what they want without fear of complaints being made to mainstream social media platforms, resulting in strikes or even the removal of their channels for telling it like it is.

The Grim Reaper Network is more than just a website with information; it also allows what mainstream social media will never allow: Freedom of Speech.

We have always believed that freedom is important to all of us, and that tyrants who oppose our human right to freedom must be exposed and highlighted.

We set out in 2021 to become a leader in this cause, and we’ve kept moving forward with what we can offer creators through our website for creators, so they, too, can have a platform.

Through our partners, we can provide Websites with Video Streaming and space to upload videos that you cannot put on mainstream social media platforms.

Safe locations for video conferences, as well as a new marketplace where you can advertise your own products and advertise within the community.