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Rogue Nightmare is a fun-loving Australian who runs their own mail order shop and creates custom designs for their customers. If you see something you like, please let me know. If you live outside of Australia, the price will include shipping and handling. I simply want to share something I enjoy doing.

When Rogue makes friends, she will always have your back and will defend you from the trolls. This is no clearer seen when she appears on many live YouTube panels and chat.

Breaking NEWS

YouTube struck her Rogue Nightmare 999 channel after a convicted paedophile from the Netherlands objected to her exposing him. Is this correct?

Above is the face of the convicted paedophile YouTube current channel is BrainlessSteel NL.. Convicted of viewing, downloading indecent images of child 12/13 year girls. BrainlessSteel stated on the removed stream for him being paedophile is jut the same as other sexual preferences people have. This worst thing to say about other people who aren’t paedophiles.

In our opinion BrainlessSteel NL is not just a sick bastard but should never have been allowed out of prison, as paedophiles can never change and are just a time bomb waiting to go boom.

Nothing is clearer than Rogue being one of the truest champions of fairness, and we are proud to show our support for him.

Here’s another side of Rouge: her recuse friend (No Not Bret)

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