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Funny Prank Telephones Calls as broadcasted in the past plus others!


Honky Tonk Whore
Fuck That Guy
Even When
Beaver Fever
Zeerox The Myna Bird
You Don't Know The Halftime Of It
You Don’t Know Your Mom Is Crazy Until You’re Older. Jose Sarduy - Full Special
Yoger Yankee
Yankee In A Strange Land
Who Wants To Whup A Millionaire?
Willie P Richardson - Switchin' Babies
Wrong Number
Yankee In A Strange Land
Who is We The People Tyrant Wars Clarified.
When You're A White Dude From The Hood. Myles Weber
When Your Daughter Is Too Well Behaved. Lenny Schmidt
What Men Are Really Thinking About. Steve Geyer - Full Special
Welcome To We The People Tyrant Wars with English Closed Captioning
Vet Bill
Vet Bill
Vibrator Recall Roy D. Mercer.wmv
Walmart vs Target, The Utimate Showdown. Dry Bar Comedy
Weirdos Of Walmart. Mark Poolos - Full Special
Varnished Frogs
Unlucky Charmer
Travel Agency
Travel Agency
Tranny Cabbie
Things You Shouldn't Say Out Loud. Mike Paramore - Full Special
This Is Why Single People Need Therapy. Vik Pandya
Tired Of Workin' For The Man
Tragic Carpet Ride
Tranny Cabbie
The Most Sarcastic Comedian Of All Time. Bob Zany - Full Special
The Pandemic Special. Heath Harmison - Full Special
The Pros And Cons Of Dating Smart People. Drew Barth - Full Special
The Same People Are In Every Zoom Call. Vik Pandya
The Catfish Is Comin'! (Fishing Report)
The Most One-Liner Jokes You'll Ever Hear. Geechy Guy - Full Special
The Worlds Funniest Police Officer. Kevin Jordan - Full Special
Takin' The Cake
Swamp Thang
Stuper Glue
Spoilt Seed
Spring Fever
Statue Of Limitations
Stay Single As Long As You Can. Kabir Singh - Full Special
Steeltown Stealer
Soiled Santa
Song Lyrics Are So Stupid. Sid Davis - Full Special
Sore Feet - Roy D Mercer
Sore Feet
Spain Intro
Soho Sitchiashun
Soho Sitchiashun
Soccer Ball Buster
Smooshed Hand
Smooshed Hand - Roy D Mercer
Sharon Gene's Birthday
Sharon Jean
Sissy Dog
Sissy Dog
Smoked Bird
Sex Toy Delivery
Sex Toy Delivery
Septic Tank
Septic Tank
Second Hand Reefer
RV Backwash
S & M
Saddle Sore
Safety Goggles
Scotland Intro
Roy Gets An NAB In His Bonnet
Roy Vs. Goldberg
Roy Vs. Goldberg
RV Backwash - Roy D Mercer
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#-Gas Meter
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#11-Answering Machine Message
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#10-Boat Prop
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#8-X-Ray Ologist
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#7-Spoilt Seed
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#2-Horse Feed
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#3-Bury'd Cat
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#4-Stuper Glue
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#5-Bus Driver
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#6-Movers
Roy D. Mercer-Vol.6-#1-Bowling Ball Fungas
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#11-Sex Toy Delivery
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#10-Roadie Rage
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#9-Septic Tank
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#8-Chiropractor
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#3-Love Birds
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#4-Tranny Cabbie
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#5-Sissy Dog
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#6-Load O' Bull (Very Funny!)
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#7-Fiery Hayride
Roy D. Mercer-How Big a Ol' Boy are Ya-#3-Graveyard
Roy D. Mercer-How Big a Ol' Boy are Ya-#4-Pharmicist
Roy D. Mercer-How Big a Ol' Boy are Ya-#5-Dead Dog
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#1-Rebar Butt Bustin'
Roy D. Mercer-More Greatest Fits-#2-Burrito
Roy D. Mercer-How Big a Ol' Boy are Ya-#2-S&M
Roy D. Mercer-How Big a Ol' Boy are Ya-#1-International Tours of Bixpy
Roy D. Mercer-Dead Goat
Roy D. Mercer! -calls a graveyard keeper
Roy D. Mercer- Vet Bill
Roy D. Mercer- Notre Dammit
Roy D. Mercer- Police Chief
Roy D. Mercer Prank Call (Army Recruiter)
Roy D. Mercer Prank Call (Dead Goat)
Roy D. Mercer Soundboard Prank Call- Trader Joes
Roy D. Mercer- Grass Cutter
Roy D. Mercer Imitation-Tampoons
Roy D. Mercer- Insurance Claim
Roy D. Mercer- Janitor
Roy D. Mercer- Lost Lunch Box
Roy D. Mercer- Fender Bender
Roy D. Mercer- Car Dealership
Roy D. Mercer- Bowling Bowl Fungus
Roy D. Mercer- Bird Dog
Roy D. Mercer- Bank Deposit
Roy D. Mercer - Network (Prank Calls)
Roy D. Mercer - Prank Call To Navy Recruiter
Roy D. Mercer - Ridin' Mower (Grass Cutter)
Roy D. Mercer- Auto Mechanic
Roy D. Mercer- Bad Pager
Roy D. Mercer - Burrito (Prank Calls)
Roy D. Mercer - Car Dealer
Roy D. Mercer - Dead Trees
Roy D. Mercer - Janitor (Prank Calls)
Roy D. Mercer - Love Birds
Roy D. Mercer - Bad Pager
roy d mercer prank calls po po
Roy D Mercer Navy Recruiter Call
Roy D. Mercer - Bad Pager (Prank Calls)
Roy D Mercer... Music Store
Roy D Mercer & Gang - A Visit From St Nicholson
Roy D Mercer... Horse Bites Ear Off
Roy D Mercer Vs Yankees - Track 7 - Buckeye Bugs
Roy D Mercer - Volume 6 - Track 9 - Gas Meter
Roy D Mercer - Volume 6 - Track 8 - X Ray Ologist
Roy D Mercer - Volume 6 - Radio Spot
Roy D Mercer - Volume 5 - Track 9 - Sharon Gene's Birthday
Roy D Mercer - Volume 5 - Track 6 - Orn'ry Mare
Roy D Mercer - Volume 5 - Track 5 - Sissy Dog
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Sharon Gene
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - VCR Rental
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Waterboy
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Wrecker Service
Roy D Mercer - Vet Bill
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Hair n' Coke
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Helicopter Scare
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Lost Dog Collar
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Missing Headstone
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Pig Insurance
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Damaged Dwarfs
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Clown Museum
Roy D Mercer - Unreleased Fits - Bad Forecast
Roy D Mercer - Safety Goggles
Roy D Mercer - Red, White, & Bruised - Track 16 - Graveyard Dancin' Around Radio Edit
Roy D Mercer - Get Well Soon - Track 11 - Bee Fuddled
Roy D Mercer - Get Well Soon - Track 15 - Cat Attack
Roy D Mercer - Get Well Soon - Track 16 - Bowled Over
Roy D Mercer - Girl's Shoes
Roy D Mercer - Golf Course
Roy D Mercer - Get Well Soon - Track 6 - Lunch Lady
Roy D Mercer - Dead Roster (Prank Calls)
Roy D Mercer - Dead Hamster
Roy D Mercer - Coffee Shop
Roy D Mercer - Car Salesman
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 10 - Brokearm Mountain
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 11 - Continental Barber
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 12 - Horny Hound
Roy D Mercer - Boat Splinter
Roy D Mercer - Bowling Ball Fungus
Roy D Mercer - Bird Dog
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 2 - Bathroom Magic
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 3 - Pig Jig
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 8 - Soiled Santa
Roy D Mercer - Black & Blue - Track 9 - Roofer Roughup
Roy D Mercer - Bad Gas
Roy Ain't Home (Answering Machine Message)
Roofer Roughup
Roadie Rage
Roadie Rage
Political Announcement Too (Extended Version)
Pool Party
Prank Call - Roy D Mercer - Taco Bell
Quad City Quandry
Political Announcement One (Extended Version)
Political Announcement Fore (Extended Version)
Political Announcement Again (Extended Version)
Police Chief
Police Chief
Poison Pansies
Poison Pansies
Police Chief - Roy D Mercer
Police Chief
Police Chief
Pickin' And Grinnin'
Pig Jig
Poison Pansies - Roy D Mercer
Peacocks And Dognuts
Pawn Shop
Paint Job
Not Every Movie Is Family Friendly. Rob Ward
Not So Easy Rider
Notre Dammit
Notre Dammit
Orn'ry Mare
Nekked Pitchers
No Deposit, Don't Return
Nobody Is Ever Happy To See The Repo Man. Rob Ward
Nobody's Home Intro
Music Store
Music Store
Motel 666
Modelin' Job
Malodorous Mechanic
Manhattan Mishap
Mattress Mauler
Men Don't Say Anything About Married Life. Barry Brewer
Mercer Family Christmas
Lunch Lady
Lucky Charm
Love Birds
Love Birds
Load O' Bull
Long Gone Salon
Lost Heirloom
Lost Lunch Box - Roy D Mercer.wmv
Lost Lunch Box
Just Say OK To Scammers
Lateesha Godiva
Leroy Mercer (the orginal) #4
Load O' Bull
Load O' Bull
Junk- Cars And Valet Parking. Chad Thornsberry - Full Special
Jokes About EVERY Fast Food Chain! - Dry Bar Comedy
JJ the DJ - Roy D Mercer
Jingle Fists
Italian Tractor Pull
Italy Intro
Jim Florentine - Going Postal (Prank Call)
Jim Florentine - House Robbed (Prank Call)
How Big'A Boy Are Ya?
Hush Puppies
I Believe (MC Roy D. Mix)
Insurance Claim - Roy D Mercer
Insurance Claim
Horse Feed
Horse Feed
Hot Tape Deck
Hot Tape Deck
How Big'A Boy Are Ya?
Horse Feed
Horny Hound
Horny Hound
Horny Hound
Graveyard (Dancin' Around Mix)
Graveyard (Dancin' Around Mix)
Hilarious Horror Stories From The Gym. Bryan Kellen
Grass Fire
Grass Fire
Grass Cutter
Grass Cutter - Roy D Mercer
Good Fortune
Giant Squarsh
Giant Squarsh
Giant Squarsh
Girl's Shoes
Golf Course
Giant Squarsh - Roy D Mercer
Gas Meter
Friday The 13th
France Intro
Foxhole Faux Pas
Fishin' Report
Fishin' Report
Fishin' Report
Fiery Hayride
Fiery Hayride
Fender Bender
Dead Trees
Dead Goat
Dead Hamster
Dead Trees
Dead Trees
Dead Hamster
Dead Rooster
Don't Name Your Kids Something Stupid. Dwayne Perkins - Full Special
Don't Red On Me
Dead Rooster
Country Club
Court Clerk - Roy D Mercer
Court Clerk
Cussin' And Fussin'
Dead Dog
Country Club - Roy D Mercer
Cotton Candy Wigs
Corn Dog
Cookie Buzz
Cookie Buzz - Roy D Mercer
Clownin' Around
Car Dealer
Calendar Caper #2
Calf Fries
Cat Attack
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
Campin' Caper
Car Dealer
Confronting my IRS Phone scammer
Continental Barber
Car Dealer
Bury'd Cat
Bus Driver
Calendar Caper #1
Buckeye Bugs
Broken Bed & Breakfast
Brokearm Mountain
Brokearm Mountain
Body Shop
Bowled Over
Bowlin' Ball Fungus
Bowlin' Ball Fungus
Bowlin' Ball Fungus
Big Apple Agitation
Be Careful Who You Bully. Orlando Baxter - Full Special
Bad Popcorn
Band Camp Klepto
Beantown Boater
Bird Dog
Bird Dog
Beard Salvage
Bank Deposit
Barber Shop
Bee Fuddled
Bleeder Of The Band
Boat Prop
Berth-A-Baby Down 'Ere
Bathroom Magic
Bad Gas
Baby Sittin'
Bad Apples - Roy D Mercer
Bad Gas
Bad Pager
Bad Apples
Bad Apples
Bad Popcorn
Bad Popcorn
Bad Gas
Answering Machine Message
I Sucked Another Dick Last Night
Pussy & Beer
A Cardigan Is The Perfect Police Repellent. Mike Goodwin - Full Special
Answering Machine Message
Arts And Craps
Auto Mechanic - Roy D Mercer
Album Intro
Amsterdam Intro
Auto Mechanic
Anal & The Dishes






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