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Gender Pronouns – Hate Speech or Free Speech?

Written by on 09/05/2022

Gender Pronouns – Hate Speech or Free Speech?

Above are the new language being used for what people but all, in today’s world of political correctness want others to use when in conversation to describe what they want to be known as.

Language appears to be changing due to a change in the mindset of political correctness, this change is even in some locations of the world as a form of hate speech if not used as people wish to be addressed as.

How does political correctness become the normal way of life, by changing the way we are told we as adults are required to show behaviors in work and social settings.

Above are just a few of the many new gender pronouns which people are expected to know because a person let’s say is known as Alex does or does not want to be known as a female or male in their gender.

If you are of an age and you wish to change your identifying pronoun gender, this is what you feel you would like to address. If you are not addressed as you wish, then this should not be a hate crime anywhere in the world.

In some areas of the world, gender pronouns are taught in schools to children under the age of 8 and this has caused serious concerns for parents and children alike.

When a child is set homework or is asked what pronoun they wish to be addressed as or known as.

This does cause concerns for them identifying as their biological status (female or male);

this could cause serious mental health issues for children as they grow up.

People use gender pronouns as a politician uses any form of their agenda and

swings from the left to the right or to meet their own means.

Some say this is a left-wing terminology and has a hidden meaning to a

perverted end to being allowed to recreate

identifying gender as a human right.

This leads us as people who by not using identify gender

pronouns as being classed as hate speech.

First and foremost the use of gender pronouns is not a subject that should

be taught in schools, without parental consent. Because this can as

stated cause more harm to children. 


Schools should cover normal traditional subjects and political correctness just because the authorities demand a change in the school’s agenda.

Parents are free to bring their children up in the way they wish without breaking daft laws due to any hidden agendas.

If you are employed and are requested by a change in company policy to use political correctness and gender pronouns, you are an adult and should be able to decide for yourself. Remember this is not law and you could risk employment if you do not follow their policy as they have to follow equal rights which is the law.

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