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EON Offers Their Customers Loans???

Written by on 21/12/2022



Below is one customer’s viewpoint on their electricity, supplier’s bright idea.

EON is an innovative Power company that specialises in providing credit to poor customers for purchasing power.

The company recognised many customers around the world struggled to afford the high costs of electricity

and wanted to charge extra to allow them access to this essential service.

To do this, EON developed a unique lending program that allowed people to borrow credit to pay for their electricity.

The company would charge a small fee for this service £3.00,

which helped to cover the costs of providing the credit and managing the loan.

The program is a great success, EON is able to help thousands of people get access

to electricity who might not have been able to afford it when they needed electricity.

The company appears to work closely with government to ensure that the credit is used

efficiently and people are able to pay their bills with an extra inflated handling charge.

As word of the program spread, more and more people began to turn to EON for help with their electricity costs.

The company became a trusted and respected leader in the field of lending for power,

and its reputation for fairness and transparency with the government.

Thanks to the success of the program, EON is able to expand its profits by helping

even more people get access electricity, when they need electricity to live their lives.

The company continues to grow and thrive, it’s remained committed to its mission of charging

extra for people to access the essential services they needed to live a better life.

Should you have questions relating to their practice of charging their

customers high rates of interest for lendling credit so they can have electricity.

Please contact EON via their website. Here you will find all their contact details via email and phone.

The question is, are EON the only electricity company offering interest/handling charges for

credit paid for indavance for their most vulnerable customers.


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