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Hellrazor Oklahoma/Devo’s W##d Chronicles

Written by on 17/05/2022

Hellrazor Oklahoma/Devo’s Weed Chronicles

Hellrazor Oklahoma Joined YouTube in February on 12th 2011,

where a few of their live performances have been uploaded.

However we have downloaded their videos for everyone to enjoy

and hope to feature them in a radio special. 

Years later the lead sing Devo set up another channel on YouTube.

Both links are in red so you can check them out and subscribe.

Devo’s weed chronicles is in Oklahoma! We are here to help you with any questions and keep you happy! Blaze it up and have a blast blazin up legally! It’s 420 somewhere!🔥💨💨💨💨.

Devo’s channel has only been since April 2022

so please show him the love

Below are some of the videos recorded

between 11 and 10 years ago or longer given his age now lol.

Don’t for get the Whiskey 




Sixx String Razor

It’s Alright!!!





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