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Denizen X

Written by on 31/05/2022

DILLIGAF is not just a word but a way of life

What does Denizen X stand for in life?

This and other questions will be answered by watching his YouTube channel

Denizen X is a regular panellist on channels such as

Wandering Hippie and has fun

interacting with everyone.

 Denizen X  lives in the USA and is a firm believer in the US Bill of Rights,

as he supports the US citizens rights and wants all rights

to remain in place and not be taken away;

by Local and State laws. 

We get by with a little

help from our friends.

Yes this may sound familiar if you are are aware of a small

British group; “The Beatles”.

However with our friends supporting us.

Great things can be overcome and reached.

Denizen X  listed his live chat shows

as age-restricted due to

the subject content and language used.

Subjects such as 911 which as we know happened

September 11th, 2001 has a lot still to be discussed.

Including hard-hitting issues;

Like why does the Government

restrict the freedoms of the American population;

Using their Storm Troopers

to enforce feelings rather than their oath to the people.

The Fifteenth Amendment. Celebrated May 19th, 1870

The significance of the 15th Amendment is that after it was passed

the African American people.

Had the right to vote.

Voter Registration, Macon, Ga, Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library.

Just by clicking on the words in Red

you can find all highlighted

information and channels.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Denizen X

Just for fun try this next time you don’t

give to forks about something.

Because sometimes after thinking

about improvements for all,

sometimes great things can happen.

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