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Crazy Girl Oddities & Adventure’s

Written by on 28/12/2022

Who is Crazy Girl?

The channel is in the process of creating a place for Crazy Girl, her family and

friends to share their adventures in Urban Exploration.

Ghost hunting as well as Randonautica with you also making memories !!

From time to time we will go live from the places we go or the trips we take.

We hope you enjoy and as always just be safe never do these things alone.

If you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to walk away none of these journeys are worth your life!

The better Crazy Girl get’s at this,

the more she will share.

So if you like what you see and want to see more please Like, subscribe, and share when its available.

Thank you all in advance for Crazy Girl, and she looks forward to sharing there adventures with you!!

If you would like to help Support the YouTube channel and what they produce Crazy Girl,

thanks In advance!

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