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Miss Kat’s Live’s YouTube Channel Miss Kat is a level-headed person who allows people to join her during her live shows. The shows are relaxed and chilled. There is no hate towards anyone yet allows free speech subject to YouTube’s terms of service. Here is a quote from her about page and is a part […]

ATL Auditor Here is a guy fighting for his right to be able to enter a public building, which he was trespassed from even through he was not on the property at the time of the alleged trespass. The back story behind this above video is amazing. Why; well ATL Auditor’s son was attacked at […]

We apologise to anyone who may be affect by the content contained on this page. We would advise you seek medical support if required. UK police investigation into paedophiles sharing images of child abuse on the internet. This started as an FBI investigation into the Landslide website. FBI passed details to police forces around the […]

Who is Secret Blackburn   This what Secret Blackburn’s channel all about. This has been taken directly from his about page on YouTube. Welcome everybody to my channel this channel is about the history of Blackburn and Lancashire past and present I have been documenting Blackburn and Lancashire for over 35 years so it’s time […]

Hellrazor Oklahoma/Devo’s Weed Chronicles Hellrazor Oklahoma Joined YouTube in February on 12th 2011, where a few of their live performances have been uploaded. However we have downloaded their videos for everyone to enjoy and hope to feature them in a radio special.  Years later the lead sing Devo set up another channel on YouTube. Both […]

Local Experimentalist UK has nearly 8000 subscribers who get notifications of all new videos posted on their  YouTube Channel. You can become a subscriber by clicking on Local Experimentalist UK‘s name highlighted in red. So what does this famous YouTuber actually provide their subscribers. Below is taken directly from their channel. I live stream anything […]

WolfLover’s Ghost Hunts Click on the Red Links to visit WolfLover’s Ghost Hunts YouTube Chanel. WolfLover has more than an interest in the Paranormal. Paranormal Activity has yet to be proven. There are people who ridicule  people who go out and investigate if they can find evidence of the Paranormal. Below is their 2nd road trip […]

Who is Warren Floyd   Welcome the wonderful Warren Floyd.  We bumped into each other on a panel and and had to have him join us here on our website. Warren Floyd’s Channel is for ALL viewing ages Channel Rating ‘G’. Classed as good for ALL ages, according YouTube guidelines. With 233 Subscribers he […]