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Free Speech

Vote What’s Truth for Mayor help his YouTube channel stay up A vote for what’s truth is a vote for free speech What’s Truth marches to the beat of his own drum when you speak the truth. You often speak to yourself that’s okay with me now. Not here to convince anyone of anything but […]

Was Jok3er Responsible For Our Website being Attacked? Firstly I confirm I am unable to say if JoeKerr was or wasn’t responsible for the reasons why Our WebSite needed repair work. I do openly confirm the following which is factual. There was a DNS Flood attack on Our Website. What happened was were targeted by […]

What Do They Offer On Their Channel KraftyKat Joined YouTube on the 8th of April 2016 so has been around for a number of years. Her channel is for peace and hates vile statements, KraftyKat wants less drama and more unity within the YouTube community. Being honest has caused some people to openly dislike KraftyKat […]

American Justice of Texas’s Corner From AJot’s Corner own description of her YouTube Channel  She is a believer in dreams and change. The change will only happen when there’s an understanding of the law. Law is the Law of Justice for all. Unification instead of separation. The above video is AJoT’s Corner first listed on […]

Grim Reaper’s of the wall videos  

Miss Kat’s Live’s YouTube Channel Miss Kat is a level-headed person who allows people to join her during her live shows. The shows are relaxed and chilled. There is no hate towards anyone yet allows free speech subject to YouTube’s terms of service. Here is a quote from her about page and is a part […]

ATL Auditor Here is a guy fighting for his right to be able to enter a public building, which he was trespassed from even through he was not on the property at the time of the alleged trespass. The back story behind this above video is amazing. Why; well ATL Auditor’s son was attacked at […]

Hellrazor Oklahoma/Devo’s Weed Chronicles Hellrazor Oklahoma Joined YouTube in February on 12th 2011, where a few of their live performances have been uploaded. However we have downloaded their videos for everyone to enjoy and hope to feature them in a radio special.  Years later the lead sing Devo set up another channel on YouTube. Both […]

Local Experimentalist UK has nearly 8000 subscribers who get notifications of all new videos posted on their  YouTube Channel. You can become a subscriber by clicking on Local Experimentalist UK‘s name highlighted in red. So what does this famous YouTuber actually provide their subscribers. Below is taken directly from their channel. I live stream anything […]

A PLACE FOR US TO CHAT  One of our supporters Vigilante.Media has kindly provided a written Chart Room for use all to use This one way of keeping in contact and make new connections with others. Just click on the tile or just use the Chat above to access our chat board. Just one thing, you […]