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This is Taking Our Rights Back (TORB) first video uploaded on his YouTube channel. With over 5000 subscribers TORB has really hit the auditing road with a bang; TORB supports other Auditors by promoting them; working with them and also via his live shows. You can view all content of TORB’s YouTube channel just by […]

Fake Mic Real News is an American Auditor who due to his content has had several videos removed. In the past, a whole channel was removed by YouTube. This is a clear demonstration of the power mainstream Social Media, has over channels that publish content they do not approve of. The above is a prime […]

    Above is a random video we hit upon and thought you may all like. Orange Man Audits Just click the above link in red to access his YouTube channel Don’t forget to subscribe. Orange Man Audits does what say’s. He is an Auditor from Canada who enjoys the work he does and this […]

Just Click On The Picture  For His Channel  

 Pedo Libre Audits Auditing Channel from the USA they joined YouTube on the 22nd September 2020 They now have strong base as an auditing channel and police patrols, please click on their logo and check them out and show your respect for the work they do and Subscribe. Description #Auditor #1stAmendment Always Film The Police […]

Pinac Arrest of Enlightened Audits Grim Reap Radio Show Reviews the arrest of Enlightened Audits by PC 74879 RAVEN: It would appear the police may have over stepped their powers, whilst investigating feelings of other officers, from an incident which happened on Mar 20, 2022. Please read the statement below detailing the event: The arrest […]

The Nutta Channel. ‘Piers Morgan who?’ The Nutta Channel is a quiet, peaceful, stress free Channel. And what to expect is the wonderful Nutta welcoming you to a morning chat about life, news, weather and whatever takes your fancy.  AND… Nutta looks great with ‘Andy Cap’ hat on. Please go check out his Channel above; […]

Good Guy Audits Who is Good Guy Audits? Good Guy audits! Where we freely exercise our Right. We make sure our public servants are accountable and there’s transparency for all. We make sure our rights are respected and the constitution of America is honored and respected! A fresh new Auditor based in the USA with […]