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Vote What’s Truth for Mayor help his YouTube channel stay up A vote for what’s truth is a vote for free speech What’s Truth marches to the beat of his own drum when you speak the truth. You often speak to yourself that’s okay with me now. Not here to convince anyone of anything but […]

American Justice of Texas’s Corner From AJot’s Corner own description of her YouTube Channel  She is a believer in dreams and change. The change will only happen when there’s an understanding of the law. Law is the Law of Justice for all. Unification instead of separation. The above video is AJoT’s Corner first listed on […]

ATL Auditor Here is a guy fighting for his right to be able to enter a public building, which he was trespassed from even through he was not on the property at the time of the alleged trespass. The back story behind this above video is amazing. Why; well ATL Auditor’s son was attacked at […]

Here is a guy who has conviction for his beliefs and wholly practices them. We have chatted with CaucAsian Sasquatch We found him to be one of the good guys which is why are happy to show our support These are two random videos from the channel which includes a film from his after dark […]

We came across this Auditing Channel and the video below from 7 years ago. No you wonder why would a modem day Auditing channel have videos from over 7 years ago The channel started on the 30th August 2014 and the video above was the earliest listed and to date has just over 100 views.  […]

Here Is A  Different Approach To Recording The Police Educating the ignorant holding the man responsible and holding them accountable. Having fun while doing it knowing our rights and fighting for our freedom. We will never be brought down. So when you see cops don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to record them Ice cold Audit […]

The Gilbert Bystander Is one of the growing street video recorders who transmits live, on YouTube what is happening on the streets in their local area. This style of recorder will normally be in a city area which they know well.  As always there will be a few snowflakes but this is mainly when they […]

What does Denizen X stand for in life? This and other questions will be answered by watching his YouTube channel Denizen X is a regular panellist on channels such as Wandering Hippie and has fun interacting with everyone.  Denizen X  lives in the USA and is a firm believer in the US Bill of Rights, […]

Lord Of Audits   The Lord Of Audits is a Public Auditor who goes visiting places of public interest and reports and documents on said places. HARLOW POLICE STATION AUDIT – YOU CANT FILM HERE, GET OUT Today, The Lord Of Audits visited Harlow Police Station which is located in the West of Essex where he […]

This Is An Important Message To All. Blackburn World witnessed an attack on a defenceless pensioner. The attack resulted in loss of money for the victim of the crime committed. The police and the video footage of identifying the attacker has reported to the police by Blackburn World Since then Blackburn World has been attacked […]