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Blackburn’s World

Written by on 20/05/2022

DILLIGAF is not just a word but a way of life

This Is An Important Message To All.

Blackburn World witnessed an attack

on a defenseless pensioner.

The attack resulted in the loss of money for the victim of the crime committed.

The police and the video

footage of identifying

the attacker has reported to the police

by Blackburn World

Since then Blackburn World has been attacked himself which was followed up with a heavy piece of wood being  used to break Blackburn Worlds ankle because he reported the incident to the police.

Below is an audio recording of a person who believes

Please note:

Blackburn World‘s were 4 men

and not 14-year-olds;

nor known drug dealers.

Which as stated during the auditor’s live on the 7th of June 2022.

A Grass is not someone who reports an attack on a

pensioner in order to steal.

Scum who do this need to be reported to prevent them from thinking this is normal or right.

This is not Grassing as

the recording states.

This is being an upstanding reasonable person.

Handing over video footage of

the attacker(s) is not Grassing.

4 Men attacking Blackburn World is not Kama.

It is total thuggery and they have proved they are cowards and demonstrated this.

Being a responsible member

of the community is not wrong.

The Audio shows what the auditor states about people reporting such

crimes to the police and

makes Blackburn World grass.

Does the Justification given make sense?

Please comment at the foot of this page.

 What Is Going On?


Blackburn’s World is not just about Auditing, he supports the homeless within Blackburn.

Blackburn’s World own Description tells us

all we need know.

Hey all I’m here to expose corruption to fight for the rights

of the working man and every man alive (and woman) lol.

We came into this world with nothing and we will leave it with nothing,

so my job is to help as best I can while

I’m here and with the great community that we have here.

we can help feed the homeless and hopefully get them a bed.

Thanks for all the support and together we can fight for change. 

There is of cause a side that people may not see, Blackburn’s World

is someone who is proud of the area they in live.

This is clearly demonstrated below.

So why not check out

Blackburn’s World for yourself and

subscribe to his channel.

Remember there is no charge for subscribing and using the notification bell for updates

Use the red links to access great content from someone

who’s passion is supporting us all as a community

Not forgetting his local with local people who are homeless which is due no fault of their own

by highlighting their stories without filming them. 

Blackburn’s World is showing what true dignity and respect is all about. 

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