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DILLIGAF is not just a word it’s a way of life

ATL Auditor

Here is a guy fighting for his

right to be

able to enter a public building,

which he was trespassed from

even though he was not

on the property

at the time of the alleged trespass.

The back story behind this above

The video is amazing. Why; well ATL Auditor’s son

was attacked at school who use a

school private police service

and they refused to investigate.

The school was not happy with

ATL Auditor following his

reporting the incident to the police,

for them to investigate.

This led to the school issuing a

trespass notice being issued

even though at no time had

ATL Auditor been on the

school property.

The school is State run so

therefore is public.

This the follow up with

the police following 

the reported incidents

with the school.

This is still ongoing.

If anyone within the USA can support

ATL Auditor with this issue,

by sharing or with practical help

please reach out

directly or in the comments below.

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