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Month: July 2022

Was Jok3er Responsible For Our Website being Attacked? Firstly I confirm I am unable to say if JoeKerr was or wasn’t responsible for the reasons why Our WebSite needed repair work. I do openly confirm the following which is factual. There was a DNS Flood attack on Our Website. What happened was were targeted by […]

What Do They Offer On Their Channel KraftyKat Joined YouTube on the 8th of April 2016 so has been around for a number of years. Her channel is for peace and hates vile statements, KraftyKat wants less drama and more unity within the YouTube community. Being honest has caused some people to openly dislike KraftyKat […]

American Justice of Texas’s Corner From AJot’s Corner own description of her YouTube Channel  She is a believer in dreams and change. The change will only happen when there’s an understanding of the law. Law is the Law of Justice for all. Unification instead of separation. The above video is AJoT’s Corner first listed on […]