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Month: May 2022

What does Denizen X stand for in life? This and other questions will be answered by watching his YouTube channel Denizen X is a regular panellist on channels such as Wandering Hippie and has fun interacting with everyone.  Denizen X  lives in the USA and is a firm believer in the US Bill of Rights, […]

Wandering Hippie Wandering Hippie has a chilled out channel with lots of live streams and is a full supporter of standing up for rights within the USA So let’s let Hippie explain what he is about himself All links in Red will take you to his channel. Why not head over like and subscribe and […]

A recent event held at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre was a Ghost Hunting evening which was enjoyed by all in attendance and streamed live over the WolfLover’s Ghost Hunts. Moose and Rosie Northcote Heavy Horse Centre provides a safe loving home to animals big and small. They are a no paid staff as the […]

Lord Of Audits   The Lord Of Audits is a Public Auditor who goes visiting places of public interest and reports and documents on said places. HARLOW POLICE STATION AUDIT – YOU CANT FILM HERE, GET OUT Today, The Lord Of Audits visited Harlow Police Station which is located in the West of Essex where he […]

This Is An Important Message To All. Blackburn World witnessed an attack on a defenceless pensioner. The attack resulted in loss of money for the victim of the crime committed. The police and the video footage of identifying the attacker has reported to the police by Blackburn World Since then Blackburn World has been attacked […]

Who is Secret Blackburn   This what Secret Blackburn’s channel all about. This has been taken directly from his about page on YouTube. Welcome everybody to my channel this channel is about the history of Blackburn and Lancashire past and present I have been documenting Blackburn and Lancashire for over 35 years so it’s time […]

Hellrazor Oklahoma/Devo’s Weed Chronicles Hellrazor Oklahoma Joined YouTube in February on 12th 2011, where a few of their live performances have been uploaded. However we have downloaded their videos for everyone to enjoy and hope to feature them in a radio special.  Years later the lead sing Devo set up another channel on YouTube. Both […]

This is Taking Our Rights Back (TORB) first video uploaded on his YouTube channel. With over 5000 subscribers TORB has really hit the auditing road with a bang; TORB supports other Auditors by promoting them; working with them and also via his live shows. You can view all content of TORB’s YouTube channel just by […]

Fake Mic Real News is an American Auditor who due to his content has had several videos removed. In the past, a whole channel was removed by YouTube. This is a clear demonstration of the power mainstream Social Media, has over channels that publish content they do not approve of. The above is a prime […]

Local Experimentalist UK has nearly 8000 subscribers who get notifications of all new videos posted on their  YouTube Channel. You can become a subscriber by clicking on Local Experimentalist UK‘s name highlighted in red. So what does this famous YouTuber actually provide their subscribers. Below is taken directly from their channel. I live stream anything […]